If you think you or someone you know is being tricked by a pimp,
call 211 immediately.


Pimps are constantly recruiting. They trick girls into thinking they love them when all they really love is power and money. They’ll even trick girls as young as 12. That’s not just crazy – it’s heartless.

“I really want to control the whole (girl). I want to be the boss of her life, even her thoughts. I got to con them that Lincoln never freed the slaves.”

– iceberg slim, pimp

Dropping an F•Bomb Feels Awesome


Think your friend is dating an older guy who may be a pimp? Tell her! Drop an F•Bomb. The “F” stands for friendship – or, in your case, fearless & fierce.

Talk to a parent, teacher or other adult you trust. Dropping a well timed F•Bomb never fails to get a grown-up’s attention.

Call 211. It’s totally anonymous and could save your friend’s life.

That’s why we started Dropping F•Bombs, a shared effort of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay , Women in Action and the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Pimps are tricking our kids and we’re ticked off about it.